Black Lassic

Black_lassic Black Lassic is one peak among the Lassics of Trinity County and is characterized by outcrops of serpentine, mudstone, and sandstone surrounded by coniferous forest. Pyrola crypta is a species that grows predominantly under Pseudotsuga in this area. It is very similar in appearance to P. picta but can be distinguished by its unusually long sepals and floral bracts. Pyrola dentata, a closely related species, was observed growing sympatrically, but was more abundant under Pinus jefferyi, which grows in big, open stands and affords understory plants plenty of sunshine.

Pyrola crypta growing under Douglas Fir.


One Reply to “Black Lassic”

  1. There is a ‘cryptic’ Claytonia at the Lassics too. It appears to be restricted to serpentine, although it seems to me to like it can be found practically everywhere out there at the toe of Black Lassic! Neat spot to botanize around.

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