Lab members


DSC08936Dr. Diana Jolles, Assistant Professor of Botany, Biological Sciences Department, Plymouth State University. Diana is currently investigating the genetic and geographic patterns of (1) Cypripedium acaule Aiton (Orchid family) lineages in northern New England, (2) Eastern North American and neotropical Chimaphila (Heath family), and (3) hybridization in Californian Pyrola picta  and P. aphylla. Dr. Jolles teaches courses in general biology, botany, plants & society, and phylogenetics at PSU.


tommy-stoughton-webDr. Tommy Stoughton, Research Faculty, Biological Sciences Dept. and Center for the Environment, Plymouth State University. Tommy’s current research is focused on phylogenomics of polyploid plant lineages growing in and around the Great Basin, and biogeographic patterns of bolete species complexes growing in New England, including Harrya chromapes (Boletaceae), the yellowfoot bolete, a primarily eastern North American species that also occurs in Costa Rica and China.


image1Kayla Walazek, B.S. in biology student at PSU, is researching lineage diversification and reproductive biology of Cypripedium acaule, the pink lady’s slipper orchid.




IMG_3487Matthew Treanor, B.A. in business (biology minor) student at PSU, is studying morphological variation in genus Boechera (mustard family) from the southern Rocky Mountains and is working on digitizing herbarium specimens at PSH, a collection of approximately 20K plants.



Past members (we miss you!): Julian Roberts, Pitzer College (2014), Molly Kupfer, Pomona College (2012)