Events on & off campus

The Jolles-Stoughton Lab attended the 2019 annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America in Tucson, Arizona. In attendance were undergraduate student Lindsey Webb, graduate student Bridget Curran (presenting her MS research), Drs. Jolles and Stoughton (presenting research talks), and baby Senna!

The Jolles-Stoughton Lab attended the 2018 annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America in Rochester, Minnesota. In attendance were undergraduate students Matt Treanor and Kayla Walazek, both presenting posters on their research!

Undergraduate Matt Treanor accompanies Drs. Jolles and Stoughton to the Four Corners region for two weeks to collect and study species of Chimaphila (Ericaceae), Claytonia (Montiaceae), and Boechera (Brassicaceae).

Undergraduates Kayla Walazek and Matt Treanor present their research at the PSU’s Spring 2018 Showcase of Excellence!

Quick field trip to the Dartmouth College greenhouse in January with undergraduates Haley Harrison and Kayla Walazek to talk with Terry Barry about their extensive orchid collection and to establish the Dartmouth Apprenticeship (BI 4600).

2017 Summer Botany course participants traveled to several different New England habitats to learn about major plant forms and families, including the alpine zone of Mount Washington and the coastal dune system of northern Massachusetts.

Students in the 2017 Plant Diversity and Evolution course (BI 4750) examine specimens in the lab and in the field, learning essential terms and functions that help them document the diversity they see.

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