Dr. Jolles teaches the introductory biology course in molecular and cellular biology every fall semester and in the spring semester she teaches botany courses. General botany is occasionally offered during summer session. Undergraduate research and internship opportunities are also offered on an individual basis and Dr. Jolles hosts casual reading groups each semester on special topics.

  • Biological Science 1 (BI 1110)
  • Plants & Society (BIDI 2050)
  • Botany (BI 2070)
  • Tropical Biology (BI 3210)
  • Dartmouth Greenhouse Apprenticeship Program (BI 4600)
  • Plant Diversity & Evolution (BI 4750)
  • Undergraduate Research (BI 4950)

Before arriving at Plymouth State, Dr. Jolles taught in the Environmental Studies Department at University of Redlands and for the W. M. Keck Science Department in Claremont.

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