Jolles Lab

I study the natural histories of different plant species and their various lineages. As such, my research spans many aspects of evolutionary botany and I conduct this research in the field and in different types of laboratories (e.g., anatomy and biochemistry labs). A great deal of my attention has been dedicated to studying the natural history of a specific group of species, the Pyrola picta species complex, a group to which this web site is primarily dedicated!

Some scientific papers have already been published from the Pyrola work, including one about a new species I discovered, another about floral morphology and how it relates to reproductive isolation among species, and an early paper arguing that four species should be recognized in the P. picta complex on the basis of genetic evidence. I recently revised an electronic key to Pyrola in California as well. I am so lucky to work with two amazing scientists, Dr. Nicole Hynson and Dr. Zhen-Wen Liu, who conduct research on the evolution of mycoheterotrophy and phylogeography of genus Pyrola, respectively. I recently discovered a website service that provides one-stop-shopping for publications I’ve contributed to– enjoy!

DSC08936Explore the Jolles Lab:


Current projects (for everybody, especially prospective MS, BS & BA students)

Molecular systematic research

Leaf anatomy and morphology

Reproductive biology

PSU Herbarium

Field research

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